Pitch not Bitch

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When Ella invited me to an impromptu event in Old Street, I of coarse said yes because A. it's Ella and B. I missed her face. For one time in our life we actually arrived early and also managed to find the venue without too much trouble! We went for a cup of tea in a nearby cafe/ bar while they still had setting up and prep to do. 

Neither of us was entirely sure what the evening would entail, but we knew Gem would be there and the girls from Betty Magazine, as well as one of the Foxy girls Gemma Cairney hosting the chats. There was Rum, Photo-booth fun, Discussions and laughs. 

The Fox Problem 
'Pardon?! Well, we’re an entertainment show streamed live on the internet. We miss things like TFI Friday, The Word, The Spice Girls and The Big Breakfast and hope that this show pays homage to them, but with a 2014 twist.
Streaming live to YouTube every other Tuesday, we also harness the magical power of Vines and InstaVideos mixed with Twitter, FaceyB and Instagram. That means you can watch us on computers, tablets and phones and interact with us live as the foxiness unfolds.
This time round we’re powered by HP, which is handy as our show uses the latest technology in the foxiest of ways. Together we’re going to bring the next generation of talent to a screen near you, seamlessly merging cutting edge entertainment and with futuristic tech. Yes, we did just say seamless.'
Quote taken from The Fox Problem Website.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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