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First of all we have to speak about the weather right? I wouldn't be british or a blogger if I didn't mention how much of a wash out August has been now would I? Today is the 'official' start of Autumn, but fingers crossed we may end up with some indian summer type days (although I am excited for all that Autumn brings, I just wasn't expecting it the whole of August) 

The fun parts of August looked pretty much like this: 
Hever, Penshurst Place, Fionas 30th Birhtday Party, Red Velvet Diner pancakes, Royal Academy of The Arts Summer Exhibition, Adventure Bar, Ballet with Ella, Hangs with Goats and Donkeys in Essex, Macaron making class, Celebrating Andy's 21st (my future brother in law) Birthday, Tylney Hall. Spa break, Pre-holiday mani and pedi, Audrey exhibition.

Hope everyone had a lovely August, what are you looking forward to in September? 

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Monday Inspiration

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Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Here's to a fabulous September coming our way (we hope!) I'm off to Rhodes tomorrow, so today may include last minute packing and everything which I've not had time to do, so as much as I would love a day of watching back to back Don't Tell The Bride or New Girl it's more likely I'll be found making lists, tidying my studio area, scanning and finishing some work.

I try and set myself mini goals for each week and month but with starting the month being on holiday I thought making some reachable goals for when I come back might help me get back into the swing of reality a little easier.
- I aim to do 5-6 gym classes a week - I'm addicted to Pilate's, Body pump and spin but past few weeks I've only managed 2-3 so once I'm back from holiday I fully intend to jump right back in and be a gym bunny.
-Save £100-200 a month. I have been a lot better with saving recently, but this past month has been pretty expensive and left me a little broke for the rest of this month, but when I get paid at the end of September I need to save about £300 ideally.
-Spend more time reading, painting and drawing, I'm already trying to be waaaay more productive and manage everything a little better. But I really need to paint everyday and create to be happy I think.
-Smile and laugh often (I wouldn't say I'm the most serious person ever but sometimes you just forget to real enjoy the moment for what it is.)

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Model Behavior with Louisa Warwick


Louisa Warwick is a model from England, with her enviable blonde locks and legs that go on for days. She currently resides in New York where she is studying Sport Management at NYU. I had the chance to have a little chinwag with the model who has appeared in campaigns for brands such as Cadillac, Tresemme and Calvin Klein.

How long have you been modelling for? 
I have been modeling for 2 years.
What's the best part of being a model? 
The best part of modeling is the free clothes & products! 
Favourite place to travel to? 
I love Capri in Italy during the summer.  
The most expensive piece of clothing or pair of shoes in your closet? 

Most expensive piece of clothing is a vintage Little black dress by Chanel- it's timeless and a classic 
Do you have a dream designer or brand you would love to model for? 
I would love to model for Balmain. I love their clothes and their style is always very flattering.
Tips for any aspiring models or people wishing to get into a similar industry? 
Tips- work hard, stay focused and always show up with a great attitude! 
Do you have a strict exercise/ diet regime/ skin care tips? 
I work out 4 times a week- the plank and push-ups are essential for maintaining a flat stomach. I try to avoid carbs as much as possible: ie no pasta, bread or cereal. I also make sure I eat 3 full meals a day and take supplements of iron and biotin on the side. 
What's your treat food that you can't say no to? 
I can't say no to chocolate and crepes :/ 
Three items you can't leave the house without? 
I can't leave the house without my keys phone and wallet!

Favourite iconic figure? 
I love Audrey Hepburn... Not just because of her beautiful looks and acting skill but because she did tremendous amounts of philanthropy which is a quality that I really admire in a person. 
What do you enjoy doing in your down time/ time off? 
In my down time from modeling I'm usually studying for an exam or attending class at NYU where I am also a full time student.
So have you got any fun NY tips for us?
On a sunny weekend in New York the Hamptons is the best place to be. During the week I like to hang out in Soho with friends or have lunch at Catch Rooftop in Meatpacking district: their seafood is one of the best in the city.  At night I love to go to Tao for dinner with some girlfriends. 
The best shops are in Soho area they have high street stores to boutiques to designer stores. You can probably find me browsing the rails in Topshop, Free people and Stuart Weitzman. 
Anything in the pipeline that you can divulge with us? 
I'm currently working on a very special project which I can't reveal just yet but stay tuned ;) 

If you're a regular reader of By Jaymie you may remember I interviewed the gorgeous model Chloe Llyod a while back if you haven't read it before, why not delve a little into another models life.

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