2015 Dreamin'

Something that's highly materialistic, but has also been on my wish list for over three years, are the most exquisite shoes that are quite clearly made for me - the beautiful Charlotte Olympia, Kitty pumps. 

It cannot be denied, that traveling and visiting new places is something that I enjoy most. Now that I am in love (sorry... but true!) there are vast amounts of places that I have already travelled to, that I would like to share with him and experience all the things I love about the places so much, together. Such as the Palace of Versailles and New York to name a few. Some destinations that I haven't been to before and would like to visit in the not to distant future are Cuba, Iceland and Dublin.

After going to see Edward Scissorhands at Sadlers Wells, it has got me itching to see more Ballet performances. I have wanted to see the Nutcracker for years and I am determined for 2015 to be the year that it gets ticked off my list.

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High up on my priority list is to move out and have my own space with said boy that I am in love with.

Next year I am going to work harder then I ever have before. I'm so driven and determined to go full throttle next year (but also make it a fun one, burn the candle at both ends) I want to do as many markets and craft fairs as possible and Renegade is high up on that list. I also want to work with a PR firm for Jewellery by Jaymie and have already been in talks with possible companies to start work with in the new year. 

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November Nutshell

Okay, so we might be a week into December now and November is but a distant memory, a fun and busy memory - filled with birthday celebrations (my right hand man and I have our birthday's only a week apart.) Visits to the Sketch Gallery restaurant, pastel pink dreams are made into reality. Cheeky Parlour for pretty nails and fizz.

After my birthday Matt and I flew out to Berlin for an early birthday present for him (which I tried to be as sneaky about and keep secret for as long as possible.) Berlin was fun, cold and full of wonderful things to see - which you can read more about here

It wouldn't be November, without some fireworks and it is one of the main benefits of having a birthday on the 5th Novemeber. We went to Leeds Castle for their fireworks display. Which was one of the best displays that I have ever been to. Complete with an awe inspiring background setting of the impressive Castle. I would highly recommend it and I would love to go back myself next year for more sparkly sky fun. 

One of my best friends who lives in Cardiff came down to London, shortly after my birthday for some late celebrations, Having some dirty martinis and taking her to all the best parts of London for the Christmas lights and starting to get into the festive spirit - not that it takes much for me, any excuse will do. 

Ella booked some eurostar tickets - taking advantage of the £59 return deal as part of their birthday sale… so we now have something to look forward too in 2015, a trip to Paris in January. 

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Jaymie tries Black head masks

A while ago I was sent some Blackhead Killer masks to try out, I'm a girl who loves a good face mask and occasional self pamper night at chateau O'Callaghan. 

My boyfriend and I tried them out together and cue hilarious (read: this involved embarrassing photos of us looking like we've been painted in tar) The very first time we used them we used one each which was a mistake. Half a packet is just enough and thinly applied rather then thicker is the way to do it. Because it's pulling all those black heads out it really does stick to your skin a lot and I have particularly sensitive skin so for me the experience was quite the painful one when I used a whole packet. Once you have managed to get all of the mask it does make your skin feel pretty darn good.

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