Monday Inspiration

Pictures via Pinterest

There's nothing like having your eyes feast upon some beautiful imagery before you head into the new week, with work or play.

Daydreaming of amazing coloured blooms, peonies, hyacinths and sunflowers. Nights filled with sparkle, endless fun, romance and laughter. Cosy-ing up with the cutest animals and having a light heart that is as light as a feather.

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Oxford state of mind

As much as I love Winter, when Christmas and New Year (and any possible winter based fun) is all done with, I am done with it.  I'm dreaming of some warmth, the possibility of not having a permanently dripping nose and moaning and holding myself so rigid and stiff in my millions of layers that I end up with an aching body. This week has been particularly bitter, yet still no snow my way (wah) maybe a snowfall in Surrey and then it can be Spring… pretty sure thats how mother nature works, right?

As you might have guessed I do not deal with being cold or tired at all well, I become a right little cranky pants (and my boyfriend wouldn't be able to agree more) but moaning aside, I still try my hardest to make the most of whatever comes my way and a day out in Oxford with my favourite person is never a bad thing, holding hands, taking photographs of pretty architecture in the winter sunshine and eating all the sushi for lunch.

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bed of flowers

A couple of months back Ella and I booked a trip to Paris for the weekend which has just gone but after the recent terrorist attacks, we thought it neither safe or very thoughtful of us to still go. It would have been incredibly insensitive to flounce around the city when it is in mourning.

On Sunday we woke up early and met in town to head to the wonderful Columbia Road flower market, the clear blue sky greeted us and the bitter cold didn't stop us from swooning over all the colourful blooms. We drank copious amounts of tea, I feel in love with the most beautiful husky puppies called Blaze and Shadow (I got to excited to take a proper photograph but look here and squeal) I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that we can spend the day buying flowers and playing with dogs and not have my fingers turn blue.

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