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A Royal Night Out

Far From The Madding Crowd

The Age of Adaline

I'm so looking forward to seeing these movies, the only one that I have been to see is 'The Age of Adaline' starring the stunning Blake Lively, I was really impressed with her performance in the film and how she encapsulated the character of Adaline, A really beautiful, un-conventional love story. A must see - if only for the fashion and costumes. 

Have you seen any good movies recently?

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Monday Inspiration

1.Tirelessly looking at holiday websites, dreaming of the next escape and choosing where to catch some sun this September.

2.We've been organising things for our engagement party along with mine and Matts family, Who have gone completely out of their way to find great things to make it a really great night.

3.Looking dreamingly at exquisite wedding dresses (not that we will be getting married anytime soon it's just one of my favourite things to do - especially now)Image and video hosting by TinyPic


find me in the forest

Last week I took a break to the Elveden Forest Centre Parks with the Hollands (Matts family) it was the perfect mix of taking time to play games, read, nap and riding bikes, walking along the river, swimming, spending evenings in the sauna and feeding the cutest animals.

I hadn't cycled for nearly 10 years and was a little dubious about having to do so, but I absolutely fell back in love with it and now have my eye on getting a pretty bike complete with basket of coarse. I've set myself a goal to be able to cycle around Cambridge and Amsterdam with confidence in the near future.

Sometimes it's just so nice to get out of the city, away from traffic and the hubbub and take it back to basics.

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