By Jaymie loves Novella Afterglow

I decided that a new blog series dedicated to some all important lady love was in order. To show that we girls, can be supportive, build one another up, show love and be kind. It's important for us to be a community and appreciate others. Sometimes in this day and age it's easy to forget that people deserve to be praised and that it's important to show those who inspire you, that they are awesome! So put on your platforms and wear some pigtails because we're about to get some girl power...

Lauren from Novella Afterglow might have one of the best faces I've ever seen. She embodies that natural beauty, inside and out.  I pretty much girl crushed on her from the very beginning when I saw she had a shared affinity for the 1960s era, Mens clothes, Breton stripes and sparkle. Not only that but her blog is an absolute treasure trove of all things great, personal style, festivals, pretty places and shopping. She recently just had her pretty locks chopped into a chic little bob and it really makes me want to go for the Lily Collins cut that I've been eyeing up for a while. I'm also eager to get Lauren to come down to London and do some modelling for a Jewellery by Jaymie look book that I'm planning because I think she would just be pretty perfect for it. Lauren you might just be my blogger soul mate.
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Daisy Foster said...

This is the loveliest gesture ever!! It's so refreshing seeing girls praising girls - its so easy to judge people and a bit of lady loving goes a long way!

Your illustrations are prefect Jaymie - Do you do freelance work? I'd love to get something done for my Mum and Dads anniversary (proper sop aren't I?)

Love Daisy from The Beehive x

VioletDaffodils said...

That is such a lovely post, and another brilliant drawing!