It rained a lot the first proper day we spent in New York so I didn't really take many snaps mainly because I didn't want to drown my new camera but think the illustration sums the day up as best as a drawing can.

Some LFW illustration articles which I provided a couple of illustrations for Amelias Magazine they were published whilst I was out of the country so thought I would share the links now the illustrations were for Olivia Rubin and DAKS shows.

I have zero energy and motvation to do anything. Does any one have any tips? I want some get up and go! I want to not feel so lethargic so I can do some excercise but feeling full on laze :( viscious circle. Boring quick post because as just said can't even really be bothered to be on a computer really, I'm so lame! The only thing to note about this Sunday is that I have watched a whole bunch of Save By The Bell, Inception and trying to not for asleep. Ah.

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Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahhhh, despite the rain, your day looks as if it were very cool! I love your wonderful illustrations. xxxx


Jenelle said...

I love these illustrations of your trip, it is great- I feel like I get a quirky sense of your entire day.

mj said...

I love your doodles. I also love cheetos.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

so cute! sorry to hear your feeling pooped. i enjoy a good restorative cup of coffee when those days strike. maybe at a lovely sidewalk cafe? sigh. i seriously miss the city sometimes...

Rachelous said...

Love your picture, sounds like you had a great day, shame about the rain though... love the look of the tapestry bag and a Morrissey vest top sounds mighty fine :p x