Leopard faux fur coat - Next
Wolly oversized jumper - Primark
Shiny leather look leggings - Primark
Riding boots - Ebay
Satchel - vintage
Scarf - Zara

Woke up insanely early 4.45. Had tea and toast before setting enrolee to Heathrow. Had starbucks white chocolate mocha and muffin. Shopped (bought Jimmy Choo perfume)  boarded our plane (after trying to board the wrong one - I blame Michelle!) watched Never Let Me Go, ate a strange dinner type meal for breakfast... Arrived at JFK, jumped up and down on hotel beds, went for a walk around bryant park, times square, bought sweets and bud light from Duane Reade (our fave place ha) ate chinese in our hotel room, got ready to go out went times square I wore leather shorts and stripey top went to forever 21, sephora and M&M world got tired and lasted til about 10pm before we crashed in our beds watching something on MTV.

I'm still feeling pretty blue and craving to be back there, plus I've not being very well probably change in water again, getting a chill and feeling homesick (from NY) I've got some things to keep my busy though working on the rest of these 'Today' series, an idea I have for a small zine and a book in the pipeline pretty much based on these type of drawings an illustrated journal of sorts? If I was to make a small scale version for a zine would anyone be interested in buying a copy? I'd make it as cheap as possibla. I've also got a commision that's going to be a focal point of this weekend.

Has everyone seen a possible new feature that I'll be doing with Vicky from Aha Shake Heartbreaker blog she's one of my daily reads and I love all her quaint essentialy british traits, she drinks as much tea, girl crushes on alexa and writes beautifully, anywho click here to see a What Vicky Wore Illustration avec moi.

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Sophie Isobel said...

Love your illustrations, very inspiring!
Have a great time in NY :)

ellieand said...

4.45?! Ugh. Sounds like it was worth it though :)

Saw the feature on Vicki's blog and loved it - keep it up! xxx

Zoe said...

It looks great and like you had so much fun! I am still struggling to book a hotel. I'm excited we're going for 11 nights, but it means we have to try and find a cheap but nice hotel, but having an awful lot of luck at the moment!x

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, Jaymie! Lovely illustration as per usual x

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank you for the mention. You probably saw the feature went down fabulously x

Oh, My Darling said...

Ooh, sounds like such a nice NYC trip! Loving your outfit, too -- super-awesome glasses, missy!