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The day started off with waking up in the same clothes as I went to bed in. Sign of a good night? Yes. Michelle the poor cub cub felt rough as, though and awoke then decided to take up on the floor with her head face down... not as good of sign. We headed down to Radio City to venture up the Rockefeller centre, to look at the breathtaking views of the whole city on this particular clear sunny but still such a cold day. We ended up watching the ice-skaters for a bit (show offs!) Got approached by the men in yellow (ticket sellers) who were soon to become good friends of ours haha. We bought a 3 day bus ticket which allows you to go to the top of the rock or empire state, statue of liberty and the ferry ride, we also got unlimited use of the bus which went uptown, downtown, a night time tour of the whole city including Brooklyn with some seriously amazing views. It worked out really worth while for us to do this as it only cost $86 so I would really recommend doing so if you want to do touristy things, learn stuff and get off at certain areas. We also saw hundreds of people queing outside of NBC to audition for The Biggest Losers, so strange don't really think of people auditioning for that show?! We indulged in one of our favourite cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery which is literally just down the block from Rockefeller, Red Velvet hmm my fave.

Just chilling with the empire state in the middle of us and our eyeless worm friend that William from the pub gave me. Excuse the face, we were still hanging.

Magnolia Bakery!

Very strong frozen sangria and mojito from Caliente Cab Mexican in Greenwich Village. Best food ever!

Hope you enjoyed an insight into my 'getting our tourist on' day in the city. As some of my readers have mentioned about wanting to go NY or that they're going there themselves this year, I hope it helps and that you get some good tips and find some cool little places!

How's everyones Monday going? I went uptown today with the mother for a girly type of cheer up day with intentions to go and see the Titanic exhibition at the O2 but in the end run out of time did go to brick lane for bit of a vintage rummage didn't come away with anything but I love to dip my toe in and look around, went to the tate, walked in the sun at the southbank and ate dinner at Giraffe. Now I have the trawling around town fatigue. Cup of tea and Corrie time!

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