Spotty Socks

Today is illustrated for Untried Magazine.

Illustration from Wednesday which for Untried Magazine. I've not been able to get onto my flikr, twitter to update or access my own folders as I still can't get on my laptop it has a fake anti virus shield which isn't dangerous but is actually a virus within itself. The process to rid my laptop of it looks particularly lenghty and until then I can't use the Internet (so monopolising my sisters!) because I have no anti-virus protection on it now which it also wiped from it. Obviously I'm glad it's not a real trojan horse or identity theft programme but it is still overly annoying!

What have you all been up to on this autumnal weekend? I'm pretty physched that Costa have started their flavoured lattes again, gingerbread, roasted hazelnut and caramel, mmm. Tastes like Christmas in a cup! Right speaking of Christmas something totally un-related and not slightly festive, I need to start preparing some posts for when I'm on holiday. I want to be organised so I'm not all in a tizz next weekend! Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Really love these pictures that you do. And I'm craving a latte now you mentioned them. Mmmm. Might have to nip into town for a Costa x

head over heels said...

theres so much on this drawing that i could comment on, seriously pick n mix and knee high socks? love!
I have a costa on my campus - i guess i know where most of my student loan will be going :) x

Oh, My Darling said...

Loving everything about this illustration (of course!).

beba said...

Oh, that illustration is so lovely!

Mmm, I want one latte, it sounds so delicious!

Peace and love!

Jaymie said...

mmm i'm glad you all love sweet lattes as much as me, i'm a bit of a mocha fiend aswell!