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Laptop virus update: Basically my Dad has got rid of it BUT I don't seem to be able to tweet or blog on it... (Uh!) I can access my email, facebook, see my blog and fellow tweeters but I cannot participate, oh hi frustration! I seriously need a blackberry or an iphone in my life, which is better? I'm a tech novice. Then when situations like this arise I have a back-up, plus I just reaaaally want one! It's annoying because I want to be able to check and read all of your blogs and comment, I feel so out of the loop even though it's only been a couple of days/ Self pity over now haha.

EDIT: After writting this, I just went down stairs and had a little tinker on my laptop and I think my gem of a dad may have fixed it! Preparing myself for a major proactive blogging/internet/networking sesh! WOO. Looks like I spoke or typed to soon :( I went to tweet again and surprise surprise it's being a little madam again!

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rubyredslippers said...

definitely get an iphone!
I have a Blackberry and it just breaks all the time, they're famous for breaking, a friend of mine has has about 10 Blackberrys in a year and a half xxx

Jaymie said...

ah yeah lots of my friends at uni had them and they were always being tempramental!

Tanja said...

Thank heavens for your dad! Hope your laptop will work now...
I think, if I had to choose, I'll take an iphone. But they're soooo expensive! So I just bought a Nokia C6 which is not perfect but enough for some tweets on the way...