Aurora Borealis


Current creative inspo: Northern lights, Glitter, Sparkle, Furry critters of the wintery variety,
autumnal scenes, classic romace, sepia tones.

1. I have a blood test tomorrow morning which equals sad face they are a bit of a fear of mine. Yes I have a tattoo and piercings but they are very different you get something you want after those procedures and you most certainly do not get a doctor draining you of blood.. yeah it is a bit twisted but they are most definitely very different! And because I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything apart from water right now (though I did just have a cheeky brew, shh) I have convinced myself I am beyond hungry, even though I don't usually eat this late anyway all physcosamatic(sp?) I am sure.

2. I've finished the first illustrations for the new project I am doing with Melissa of Oh, My Darling and they await in her inbox right now! That means I can let you all in on it very soon and you'll be able to see what we've been up to.
3. I have my suitcase sitting in the middle of my room at the moment with piles of things chucked into it. I suck at packing big time and I just can't be arsed to think about it properly because I have so much to do, I am seriously excited for Sunday to come though. This holiday is very much needed. I love flying especially the taking off (such a big kid at heart) I have all the important things ready of coarse like the fruit sherberts to combat ear popping... I  haven't sorted out the currency yet though.

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lo said...

really cute pictures, i love the heart tights!
Dont worry about the bloodtest, they tend to be over almost as soon as they start and dont hurt too much. Good luck :) x

Courtney K. said...

I love the pictures. Aurora displays are always fascinating to me.
And good luck with the blood test, they aren't as bad as they seem. xoxo.

Jaymie said...
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Jaymie said...

Thankyouuu dear. When I was little I had bad experiences with blood tests a stupid doctor when i was like 5 couldn't get my vein properly and ended up trying like 10 times. I'm a big brave girl now though :) haha

Jaymie said...

same here courtney they are breathtaking when you see them on tv and that isn't even as half as amazing as i bet they look in real life I really want to see them at some point in my life and stay in that ice hotel (i know i'd moan but apparently you bundle up so warm you actually get to hot, bizarrrre!)

Amber Blue Bird said...

I hate packing too, its such a hassle. Cant wait to hear more about your project with Melissa

head over heels said...

i love those tights and i'm scared of injections too so your not on your own :/ x

Oh, My Darling said...

So excited about your illustrations!!!! Also, I hope you're doing well in the aftermath of the doctor's visit.

Nici said...

interesting photos!

+ don't be afraid of the blood test, i bet it hurts much less than taking a tattoo.

Nici from