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Serena (first series days) doodle

Anyone catch The season premiere of Gossip Girl last wednesday on ITV2? Oh how I love Sky+ (I am a massive tv geek) I am very much intruiged with the whole Chuck situation at the mo, maybe because I missed a few episodes of the last series 'cos I wasn't really feeling it but he's all hot and mysterious again, mm.

My blood test was a okay my arm did fall off but I managed to stitch it back on so s'all goood! I was more pissed that it was so early and that it was cold and drizzly outside, gash.

I've just cooked me and my friend a rather beautiful dinner of roasted vegetable pasta, nom! We need all that extra fibre for zumba tonight (brown pasta, booyeah) I can't wait! We're just watching a film whilst waiting for our food to go down to get ourselves pumped up before excercising by playing a bit of wii (best purchase my family ever made).
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Miranda said...

Amazing drawling, I really like your work!

Morellocherry said...

I loooove Gossip Girl and i did see the last episode. I'm in the US right now so im getting episode 4 and im thinking that you wrote sky + means you're in the uK!
I couldnt stand the third season, and serena that is ususally my fave, she was rubbish!
This season is so much cooler, chuck and blair are not together anymore but something tells me all will be well.
ARGH, look at me! Ramble, ramble about gg.
Anyway, i really enjoy your drawings :)
great blog

Morellocherry said...

Me again!
lol, i just had a look at your about me section and i was going to write that something i would also love to do is write/illustrate childrens books!!
I'm not as brave as you though, all my drawings/books are unfinished and im too shy to share on my blog!!