leopard coat asos, rings from fuckyeahrings flickr and all other images from google.

On my love list:
Leopard faux fur coats i'm really hoping I get the one that i saw in the next advert for my birthday. The immenent return of ANTM, still loving BNTM ofcoarse, tiff for the win. Silk shirts, I really want to find one in a charity shop for like 50p other then that i've spotted one in H&M for £8 but it's not perfect it's nice but not really silky enough. Wagamamas mhm sister treated me to dinner, rad. Having an older sister that's generous is definitely up there! Yes like everyone else I am digging rings a lot, especially quirky a little bit on the ecentric side. Glitter nail polishes, liquid hard metal for the nails! whats not to love? My favourites being ruby red and electric blue!

Not Loving so much...
Leggings as one of my friends statuses read on facebook:
Amelia Cain why do girls think leggings are a good substitute for a pair of denims/skirt//trousers etc.?? honestly, your hiney should be kept under a sufficient thickness of fabric. noone wants to see your primark undies. rant over. Hollyoaks, it actually makes me feel a little bit sick. and definitely not so keen on my hands and feet always feeling cold!

What's on your love/hate lists right now?

One of my favourite films, that I can't watch without the story moving me and sob my little heart out. Me and my sister have made it a bit of a tradition of watching this film after doing a bit of packing (I finally did some, I hope your proud!) before we go on holiday and eating co op double choc cookies (well we did it once and this is the 2nd time haha)

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Ginta said...

Can I share your loves? :) I miss Wagamama! Need to go London asap :) Rings - yep! Glitter nail polish - two thumbs up! :) And I thought I was only one searching for that perfect silk shirt in thriftstores :)

But at this moment I love that heat was finally turned on in my apartment! Love my heating system! It was +2C this morning - not fun! Not fun at all!

Kim Parslow said...

Mmm Wags is the best. I'm craving it now!


Blicious said...

mmmmm LOVE the leopard!


head over heels said...

haha i so agree about the leggings! no one wants to see that! x