Southsea Fest Review

King Charles

Let's Buy Happiness

Montage Populaire


Illustrations for a the Southsea festival review on Amelias Magazine.

I've had some lovely emails over the past couple of days which have really perked me up! I had an illustration proposition on Tuesday which is for an exciting new project with a fellow blogger so I'm really looking forward to that. Then yesterday Matt Bramford the fashion editor of Amelias Magazine emailed me to let me know how much the 10 o'clock horses (the band I illustrated for his eco wedding feature) loved my work and that they wanted to use the illustration for an album cover, later on I checked my flikr aswell and actually had a message from them on the illustration about using it for promotion and today Laura who I illustrated this review for forwarded me an email from Amelia about how much she loved the illustrations. It's so nice to feel recongnition and have a nice little confidence booster, yknow.
This was meant to be posted A LOT earlier but my laptop is having some scary spazz out session and I'm scared it has a crazy virus, so I am having to use my sisters computer to blog! wah. I have lots of new illustrations to share with you beauts but i'm hoping my laptop will snap out of it as they are all saved on to there. I feel so lost without my own files, favourites and saved passwords!

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Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, these illustrations are amazing, Jaymie!!! I particularly love the Let's Buy Happiness one!

Also, super-excited about the project.. I just sent the first respondent's info and picture to you!

Ginta said...

It's really exciting! Congrats! You're doing amazing job! :)

Ster●n said...
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Ster●n said...
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Ster●n said...

I love these pictures, they're awesome... and in my opinion, they're beautiful too. The first one is my favourite. His expression is ... great!!! :)

I'll be following this blog, :).



Princilla said...

they are all so cool!