Blast from the past

Does anyone remember Round The Twist? My Brother bought the box set (too cool for school blates) a while ago and I now have that said box set in my room ready to watch. Its such a bizarre program but like most bizarre things it's utterly amazing at the same time. I love reminiscing about old TV programmes and cartoons it is probably one of my favourite topics of conversation, along with dreams, what I want to buy/wear/eat/draw... it's pretty high up there. Some other blasts from the pasts to whet your whistle, alex mack, sweet valley high, saved by the bell, hang time, boy meets world, zap and my all time favourite Aardvark, Arthur!

It's true I am indulging in some cartoon action (kid at heart!) but I'm gaining inspiration and ideas for some new illustrations, so I can get away with it. The chill in the air and wintry feel of today has got me all jinxed up to draw cute little fawns and little furry critters frolicking, chunky knits, all pastel sweet and northern lights. Picture an enchanted forest with the obligatory sparkle of coarse, I usually use my little fairy dust pot or Barry M dazzle dust but whilst in Toys R Us yesterday (finally got a wii!) I found some Reeves sparkle glitter glue type paint which is perfect to add to some of my illustrations.

Anyone else really feel like watching bambi now?

All Wrapped up in my winter woollies, sleep deprived, still feeling under the weather (I am feeling perkier though, thanks for the well wishing) with sketchbook in tow and cartoons to watch. I am also working on my sketchbook project which i have neglected apart from the odd little bit here and there but last night wolfs and where the wild things paid a visit to its pages, I've already pretty much decided I want to be Max from Where The Wild Things Are when he's wearing his wolf costume for Halloween, the very epitome of awesome.

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Abby Illustration said...

Have you ever, ever felt like this? When strange things happen, are you going round the twist! :D

Jaymie said...

haha classic!

Christina Sanders said...

I loved Round the Twist! I must find myself a copy of that boxset!

Love Christina x