Humble Abode (pt2)

      clutter, clutter vision.

I meant to post this yesterday but I didn't get round to doing it unfortunately as I've really not been feeling very well I've been put on some new meds as I keep getting terrible heart palpitations and that unease feeling in my chest and I've been taking them since Monday and for the first two weeks I read that it can make you feel very low and can have some side affects to which I seem to be suffering from like general queasiness, lack of appetite, insomnia, aches and restless legs. I am literally so tired but just can't sleep, I am a firm believer that I need 8 hours to function properly as a human being and each night that's been cut down by about 3 hours (since monday!) I have a new accessory though... some big black eyes.

mirrors, makeup, books, magazines, products, drawings, photos, jewellery
photos, marilyn, birdcage.

I decided to do a Humble Abode (pt2) post because let's face it we are all nosey parkers (as my stats did prove) and rightly so kiddos, I'm so glad that intrigues you just as much as it does me! This is my main desk/dressing table area right next to my bed and collage wall that I posted first here, as you can see the collage continues just a bit more sporadic. It looks a lot more cluttered in the picture even though I do have a lot of stuff it doesn't look quite like that IRL I like things to feel homely and full, I'm not really a minimalist type of gal as you can see!

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Victoria India said...

Aw it's really cosy!
I hope you feel better soon xo

Hayley said...

Oooo i love it!!!!! It's so cosy and pretty looking =) I hope you feel better soon - I've just started some new tablets and slowly getting used to them! Oh and thank you for following my blog> I'm a new follower to your blog xx

Rose Davidson-Leech said...
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Jaymie said...

Thankyou lovelies hopefully i will get use to them soon!
ah yes cosy is always a winner :)

head over heels said...

your room looks so cute, i love the dove paperchain thing.
Also i really hope you start feeling better soon - feeling low can be worse then feeling ill :( x

Ribka said...

get well soon :)