Spotlight: Rebecca Szeto

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I discovered this artists work via a Facebook share and article by Hint.mag. The series of carved paintbrushes is an ongoing project started in 1999 by San Francisco artist Rebecca Szeto. 

'These works play with notions of re-forming beauty and value, offering a critique on consumerism, women's work, and a curious entanglement of dynamics involving the environmental, socia-political, and philosophical. I use humble, end-of-life, mass-produced materials inspired by my experience as a faux finisher and love for art history. The paintbrush is self-referential, acting as both subject and object. It refers to the history of painting, through the medium of paint, using its own tool.'
Quote from Szeto 

It's an amazing thing to come across new artists whose work really draws your attention and captures your imagination which Szeto has achieved. Which piece is your favourite? I have a soft spot for the Girl in the Pearl earring  as the original painting is such a beauty.

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