Happy Christmas Eve y'ule (cue bad christmas joke) I hope these photos make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy as they make me feel, the photo equivalent of chicken soup for the soul. How's everyone spending their holidays? I've been out this morning, I had to pop into town - not to shop, thank god. I had to meet my friend to give her an illustration she commissioned and because she was so hectic at work ended up waiting a little longer so I had to get a starbucks white chocolate mocha with soy milk whilst waiting (who knew soy milk tasted so good?!) I plan on doing as little as possible, eating, drinking, watching, playing board games and wii with the family. Proper traditional type stuff that we always do, It's what Christmas is all about :) 

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Francisca said...

Lovely pictures! merry xmas :)

Annarack said...

What wonderful photos, especially the one of the star fairy lights, fox and Husky Dogs.

I love soya milk in my coffee too, I have to have it most of the time because I am not meant to have dairy food too often.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!!!

Zum zum said...

thanks for sharing and adding such warm photos.(:

in my country there isn't any snow and whiteness.
merry christmas and wish you a pleasant holiday.

- Zane from Latvia.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Belated merry christmas x

Charis said...

Gorgeous winter photos!