Jazzy Hiven


Something so ethereal, whimsical but with a chilling kind of twist to it. I feel like i've just stepped out into the moors in jane eyre when i look at these images that Jazzy Hiven from Hivenn has taken. She has so many pretty and enchanting images on her blog that you really must check out.

I didn't write anything alongside this post earlier as it was scheduled but I'm adding to it now... I hope everyones looking forward to tucking into their christmas dinners, un-wrapping and giving presents. I set myself a little christmas target to reach 500 gfc blog followers and I hit that yesterday and now have 501 lovely readers. I only want people to follow who genuinely like, read or look at my blog not just followers for the sake of followers in hope that I may follow back. The whole 'love your blog, want to follow mine? cos ill follow you if you do' uhm you can't like my blog all that much then... does get on my wick a little. I would like to say Thank you for all you who have joined, read and comment. I love talking to you all via email or tweeter so don't hesitate to come say a little hello.

I'm going to try get the things I need doing all done today as then I can give myself christmas eve til boxing day off, Well I may do a little bit of recreational drawing for myself. I made some new jewellery pieces last night for my shop which I will try upload and post photos later.

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Annarack said...

These are beautiful and yes they feel very much like Jane Eyre.

Annarack said...

These are beautiful and yes they feel very much like Jane Eyre.

Ciara Baron said...

The third one is beautiful.

Pip said...

I follow Jazzy's blog, she's amazing isn't she? Congratulations on the 500 followers, you really deserve it, your blog is amazing, I always love reading it, it's one of my favourites!

Pip x

Anonymous said...

Love Jazzy's blog :) beautiful photos. I love your blog so much! You are so talented x

Jaymie said...

you are all so lovely <3 xx

Kfedland said...

Hiven's photos are always so gorgeous, and enchanting!
I hope you have a super lovely Christmas lady.. and completely chilll out and do nothing! Congrats on the 500 tooo!x

Danielle said...

I love Jazzy's blog! I hate that she doesn't have comments enabled, I was to comment and say how amazing the photography is all the time! Hope you have an amazing christmas and well done on reaching 500 followers! xx