Caught in the pattern and light.

Something new for November. I tweeted a picture of this piece as I was working on the laborious background pattern which took an age to finish. It's from a picture of Alexa Chung for a series of portrait illustration with intricate 60s inspired pattern background, for my portfolio of work.

I would also just like to say that all artwork posted on my blog is my own, unless otherwise stated. Just I frequently get asked 'Did you draw this?' which I understand you're probably just looking at the images, which is fair enough but if you do read this. Yes I've drawn them. 

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Anonymous said...

Stunning illustration, Jaymie! Really can't beat an Alexa sketch x

Annarack said...

This is just so beautiful me dear.

musicandmollie said...

lovely illustration, beautiful muse and i love the intricacy of the pattern :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Tegan said...

so so so beautiful and intricate! <3 xo

Pip said...

So amazing, if I was only half as talented as you I could die happy. I can't imagine how long this must of taken you, but it is absolutely beautiful!

Pip x