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Selfridges festive window displays, Fro-yo from Wasabi, Sushi eating outside Primark, Starbucks in Camden, Brownie that Sally made a nom. 

It's another rubbish phone photo kind of a post. I met up with my lovely friend Sally who I haven't seen in FAR to long, yesterday in London and we hit the West End to parade around the shops and add copious amount of things to our Lust lists and having a general belated birthday catch up. 

I'm loving Selfridges Christmas window displays. They're very ice-queen, narnia, frozen planet feel to them this year. Of which some of the windows are interactive and have an iPod kind of wheel, which if you run your finger around it plays different sound effects or music. Now that my Birthday has been and gone, I'm starting to get in to the festive mood (to early?!) not that I need much persuading, it's no secret that it's my favourite time of year. Luckily for me, Sally is a fellow sushi lover and I find it hard to not be in town and hit my favourite sushi place, Wasabi. And there just happens to be one right opposite Selfridges. 99p Fro Yo? Yes please! We scoured Oxford Street Primark which FYI I hate! Literally makes me lose the will to live... I was on the look out for 'that leather pleated skirt' and some leather shorts for Sal but with no luck but later on when we paid Camden Town a visit Rokit came up with the goods and delivered me the most perfect vintage leather skater high waisted skirt for £13!! Reduced from £40, chuffed! 

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Lolo said...

Nomz sushi!
The leather skirt sounds totally amazing! I want to see a photo of it!!


Jaymie said...

Totally I'll try do a outfit post with it as haven't done one in for agesssss, x

Tegan said...

omg that brownie. NOM. oh you gotta love starbucks, so excited for christmas now they have the red cups! :) <3 x

Glitter Detector said...

Everything in this post is amazing! x