Beautiful people.

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Inspired more by people, faces and clothes at the moment then anything else. I've been using Renbow Crazy Color in my hair in Pinkissimo, Capri Blue and Lilac. The pink and blue are definitely more vibrant, the Lilac is a more of pastel shade. After washing my hair a few times the pink and blue fade down a bit though giving a more pastel vibe. They come in so many different colours, they're becoming a bit of a new addiction now. They're so cheap and effective! I was starting to get bored of my dip dyed ends but now that I'm experimenting with different colours I'm starting to like it again and people seem to be dye-ing theirs out, so i figure it'll be less common! My new favourite shampoo I'm currently using is cthe heap and cheerful 60p coconut everyday Tesco shampoo, it actually leaves my hair squeaky clean!

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TheMadTwins said...

These pictures are so fashionable! Love them!