It's in the bag.

Tapestry Bag - Primark

I love seeing these kinds of posts on other peoples blogs and I've been meaning to do one for ages. After seeing this on Ellas blog it reminded me to actually do it, So here's my bag and what's in it. The size of this bag is pretty much a winner for me, I seem to carry around more then I need but it's kind of a comfort thing when you're out and about to have the stuff you use a lot at you're disposal I always carry my HTC desire, nearly always scanning twitter or checking my email updates. As most people would say and it is pretty sad but do feel lost without a mobile, no way to get in contact with people, missing oppurtunities and I use my phone to check the time. I haven't had a watch since I was 12! My Ipod which has served me well for many years, been through numerous earphones currently on some snazzy M&M ones from M&M World London. I was reading 'The Death and Life of  Charlie St Cloud' which I've just finished. I really enjoyed the film and think the book just beats it, so touching and imaginative. I Usually carry a little make-up around which just gets left in my bag, Currently my Topshop face powder, Garnier concealer, Maybelline Coral Pop lipstick and Benefit 'Life on the A list' lipgloss (I like to mix these two together) and a mini Marc Jacobs daisy perfume was in the depths of my bag. I need to have my diary notepad and my notebook because I'm constantly making lists, jotting down ideas, doodles, thoughts, things to remember etc. And of course my trusty Primark patent quilted purse has to come along for the ride, whether there's money it it or not.

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Rachel said...

I love these sorts of posts too, I'm always so nosy :p that mini bottle of Daisy is so cute! Your notebooks are really cute too xx

cassiepeia said...

The top left notebook is gorgeous, did you draw the illustrations on the front or did it come like that? Cute duvet cover too!

khaz said...

Your bag is absolutely lovely, and the notebook is adorable. I always carry books around with me too, either paperbacks or my trsty ebook reader.

Kate said...

These my favourite type of posts by far, i love seeing what other people carry around with them! I love your notepad's, they're so cute! x

katie.michelle said...

LOVE your bag!!! So so so cute. And I adore your notebook. <3

neon rose said...

love the bag, love the notebook, love the blog. also love the 'oh help, oh no, it's a gruffalo!"
thank you for reminding me to do a post like this, have been meaning to do one for ages.
much love-

Forever Miss Vanity said...

Your bag is really cute. I love reading posts like this, I find it lovely to get to know people. Your blog is really cute and I'm following :)

TheMadTwins said...

Love the bag, it is so cute! You have a lot of lovely things in you bag. I have the same color of the I-pod ^-^

Zoe said...

I also love posts like theses and yours is great! My favourite handbag is a vintage tapestry one, but it is always filled with so much rubbish. I want a proper clear out and streamline my bag!x