Up and down, Lost and found.


Image from a Busby Berkeley movie.

Can't believe how much I've slept! I did not feel good at all yesterday lethargic, hedache, sicky and lack of concentrate, great. I hate my immune system. So apart from sleeping and resting today I've watched Bride Wars and That Touch of Mink (J'adore Cary and Doris) as well as more clips of Busby Berkley routines, I've been a lot of them this week especially footage from Dames. Everything about it from the music, glamorous girls, costumes and the classic black and white filming is so nostalgic and mesmerising. A friend at work gave me a list of films he said I had to see as a fan of eras past especially the 50s, 60s and anything with Audrey in, Currently watching Wait until Dark and Charade still to watch, amazing. By now you must know I adore Audrey. I recommend checking out the Busby Berkeley videos as well if you're a fan of old school glamour, dance and beautiful routines. They're quite surreal and trippy it's bizarre to think they're from over 80 years ago!

This week I've been surrounded by children's books by Oliver Jeffers, Jane Ray, Mick Inkpen to name a few. Mick Inkpen is one of my childhood favourites, Kipper, Threadbear, Penguin Small. What a talented man! Me and my sister are joining forces and starting a project together she's very good of thinking up stories and I remember when I was little the tales she would make up to keep me entertained (one we found the other day and it seriously made me laugh out loud) She's going to write a children's book with my help and input and I'll illustrate the story with her visual help as well. We want to use Kenya as a great on location place to get amazing photographs, footage, drawings and inspiration. I'm going to be sending out a lot of emails to some illustrators that I find so inspiring and amazing and see if they'll respond to me picking their brains regarding methods of working and any links or contacts that may be useful.

Anyone off on holiday soon? Where you all going? One of my besties is going to Turkey today and then another of my friends is off there next week. Jealous. Only 2 and a bit months til I'll be sunning it up... cry, seems so long away. Awk well suppose it gives me time to get everything in order and next months a busy one so that will probably go quick, The Mothers birthday as well as my blogs first birthday, haha what shall we do to celebrate? Going to see Ghost the musical, Mystery Jets and Russell Kane.

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Dancing Branflake said...

Well, first off happy bloggy birthday and happy birthday to you mom!

I am going to England in a week. EEEKKK!

Jaymie said...

oh wow you excited? Where you visiting in blighty?

Lindy-lou said...

Blog birthday cake!!

Jaymie said...

Oh forgot also going to ben and jerrys fest on the sunday!
yes cake, tea, maybe a little present to the blog? hmm. a giveaway for 400 followers im feeling!