Vogue Italia: Chung.


Alexa Chung by Ellen von Unwerth - May 2011

Crushing hard on all these clothes, hair and styling. As always Alexa looks unreal the epitome of perfection (annoying!) She really reminds me of Zooey Deschannel in some of these pictures in particular (must be the bangs and bambi eyes) I particularly want the dress in the third and the second to last photographs. Classic black, bows and 60's mod style and structure. What do you think of these editorial shots? I love the black and white shots and that they're a bit overexposed I think it adds that grainy interest to them as well as the hair inserts she is wearing for this shoot just because it calls for that extra bit of glamour and Bardot style. I think she and the images look stunning.

I need a massage, my neck is so tensed and knotted. Don't really know why... all I know is it's hurting. A lot of things have been getting me down recently and I hate that. I know I have things to look forward to and to be really grateful for but human nature lets you focus on the negative well for me it does particularly. Let me get out of this funk, please? I'm off next week and I'm going to sort my head and everything out s(hopeful) so I can be in a position were I'm not so loathsome. Sorry for the annoying rant just sometimes need to get it out. I want to use the time off as well to really work more on my blog, a big cartel shop and about setting up an actual website for myself (which I would not be designing, mainly because I wouldn't be able to!)

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abby | ybba said...

My neck has been hurting too! It's a terrible feeling. I noticed that it was all because of my posture. So, you might wanna check on that ;]

And Alexa is so ADORABLE on the second photo! I like photos were the models smile. It's contagious ! HAHAHA! At least to me :}


Rachelous said...

Rant away, it's your blog after all and it's good to get things out! I like these photos better than the ones of Alexa in UK Vogue last month.. xx

Kate said...

She looks stunning (as usual!) - and never worry about ranting, hope you feel better soon xx

Jaymie said...

Same abby she looks so cheeky and you just want to smile to when you see someone smiling in photos ehe!
aw thanks Rach :) I have the best readers, love you all!
I know kate, so jealous of her flawlessness (looks wise) Thank you :)

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Whoa, she doesn't even look like herself in a few of these. Yet still so pretty!

strawberry freckleface

Ria :) said...

Sorry to bother you but ive just started my look book and id really appreciate it is you helped me out with getting it started by hyping my look, thank youuuu :) (if your getting annoyed with the website just forget about it then)