God Bless McQueen.


McQueens creations are works of art, pieces of fabulous cloth that encapsulate what his point of view was perfectly. I would love to see the exhibition at The Met in New York (mainly as I'd be in NY aswell!) but Selfridges are showcasing a smaller window view, these are my favourite pieces. Hope they inspire or at least provide a bit of eye candy for you as much as they did for me! His presence in the world is still very much missed but his pieces have and are a part of fashion history.

Thanks to anyone who read my rant on Wednesday and hoped that I'd soon feel better. I just don't like to put negativity on here really, but at the same time were all human and I'm definitely an emotional person and it needs to be expressed sometimes even if it is just in word form... anyways I'm feeling slightly better, and I'm SO happy that it's Friday and that I have next week off. It feels so good! I don't have much planned and I really want to just get myself and things sorted at the beginning of the week so towards the end of the week I can feel free and have a clear mind to go out and meet up with people. I'm hoping to pay a visit to Thorpe Park on Friday, fingers crossed for nice weather. This weeks been rather boring but tonight I'm off to a Koko nautical boat party in Battersea which should be fun so hope that balances out the stagnant week. Have some drinks (strawberry cider!) listening to some music, dance and have some good old fashioned sailor fun! We ordered some dough boy hats from Ebay and they luckily they came just in time. Bargain for only £2.99! What y'all up to this Friday evening?

Some more cheeky snaps of my new pastel ice-cream shades in my hair. You can see the pink a bit more in these photos then the quick snap I took on Monday and posted in my Nutshell post. I only washed my hair last night for the first time since I got it done as Sam my hairdresser said to try to wash my hair less so doesn't fade so quickly. But 4 days is pretty long for me. Praise, Batiste dry shampoo!

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abby | ybba said...

I don't think I would wear those EVER simply because I don't like to attract too much attention, but I love the dresses! It's definitely an eye candy!

Have a wonderful week!


Jaymie said...

same I don't think I would personally wear them apart from the first dress I totally would, I love it. But I adore them for the architectural form and how they are pieces of art :)

Steffani-Louise said...

thanks for you comment sweet :]
yeah i thought id try something different haha i brought a brand called la riche you can get it on ebay for cheap and you need minimal so its worth a try its semi permanent also :]
you hair looks so rad when you dye it again i cant wait to see how it comes out :] xx