Bandages on my legs and my arms from you.


Vintage shades, Cat eyes, Unique shapes, 60s aesthetic, Classic style, Retro swimsuits, Belly tops, Tassels, Flowing locks, Chanel purses.

I went to the nautical boat party on Friday night. Was a lot of fun. Chilled drinks and lots of dancing were very much in order! The barge was in Battersea and was completely decked out in lights and pretty decorations. The music they played was totally my kind of music (Nirvana, Justice vs Simian, Hot Hot Heat, MGMT) Some old school indie, rock, electro dance. Love it! Koko button down discos play the best music. After sufficiently rocking the boat, we arrived home at two and decided to eat crisp sandwich's and watch Family Guy, Standard.

I spent the day yesterday making custom frames, starting and almost finishing a commission, finishing some custom necklaces and working on a submission for a book. Made a right mess of my work space and room but it's okay because carrying on with all my work today. I want to spend the beginning of today web based, writing an about me, blog roll, a commission page, seeing if I can change the writing on the tab part (does anyone know how to center these?!) and maybe play with the layout. I really want to get a proper website created along side my blog but I would get someone to create this for me. Have any of you ever paid someone to make a website? Any recommendations?

Uploaded new rings to my Etsy shop. I'm going to be starting a Big Cartel shop called Dandelion Dreams where I will be selling printed tote bags, tees, necklaces and other bits and bobs. Thoughts? Anything in particular you might like to see or you would be interested in buying yourself?


P.S M&M World London opens tomorrow in Leicster Sq (sorry, but I am beyond excited for this haha)
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Amy said...

I love Hot Hot Heat :) Got Bandages stuck in my head now :) The new rings look lovely xx

Rachelous said...

Love that purple ring! Sounds like great music, I'm partial to some Hot Hot Heat too :) xx

Jaymie said...

Hot hot heat give me such good memories of being 15 and myspace days haha