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Me and Sally spent the day yesterday attaching and trying to compose a costume for the party whilst watching the film, having tea, cakes and some cheeky malibu and coke. The party was amazing and everyones costumes were incredible especially the birthday girls dress which was baby pink with turquoize and it just looked so pretty. The food, endless wine and all the flowers and decor were so up my street. 

Today I spent the majority of the afternoon in the hairdressers getting my pastel shades put through the ends. I decided to go for the lilac, pink and blue but with the majority of it being pink. You can kind of see it in the photo but it looks more prominent in real life even though it is very subtle, but in certain lights and angles you can really see it. I really love it though and my hairdresser was saying that in a couple of weeks I can get more or go bit more intense if I see how I go with it or if it fades much etc.

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Anonymous said...

Your new hair looks absolutely amazing! x

Dancing Branflake said...

Fun! I love all the food here!

Danni said...

Oooh I love the pastel tips of your hair - yay for taking the plunge!
I used to draw little pictures on my train tickets to remind me of the day, your method though would be a lot better for me and my pathetic drawing skills! x