The week in a nutshell: M&M World opened, Went uptown with my mumma, spent time with my Grandma, Went out for my Brothers birthday, had olives that I actually liked, Dragged my Mum to a free zumba class, Met up with Becky ♥ Saw X-Men, orange weds! For Luna swimsuit arrived, Visited M&M World again on Thursday with Emma and Linda, spent more money, Had soda floats in Eds Diner, Stayed over at Steven and Lucys, Went to Thorpe Park, Got soaked, Watched movies, ate too much, had Chinese.

I am so pleased with my swimsuit purchase from For Luna. It's a really beautiful vintage looking cherry printed costume. It has that perfect pin-up 50s vibe going on and is super flattering. I was first off quite reluctant to shell out the £60 for it, but I figured when I go on holiday and go to beach this summer (when it returns!)I want to wear it as much as possible, plus I consider it an investment piece that I'll wear year after year so is very much worth the money. I may snap a picture of it when it's in use whilst I'm at the beach or in Kenya but I don't really know how I feel about showing myself in it so much then again it's not to different to when I posted being covered in mud in my bikini whilst in Turkey! I'm now contemplating buying the black high waisted briefs from the same site as I've pretty much found it impossible to find a nice pair on the high street or other websites. Then that way I can buy various different cheaper bra tops to team with them but then I like this bikini aswell, hmm very 60s/70s hippy summer vibe going on which I'm digging. Do you lovely bunch know of any lovely high waisted retro looking pants out there?

Happy Fathers day to my Dad, Love you oodles. Want to see the illustration I did for him? Click here to check it out on my Flikr.

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Kate said...

Love that swimsuit, its beautiful! And the illustrations you did for your dad are so cute! x

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I love that swimsuit! I've wanted a 50's style one for so long :D

katie burrett said...

That swimsuit is ahmazzingg! Think my artist friend is having a show soon in London by the way (he was commissioned to do a portrait of Lily Allen for her wedding!) so def come!!! ill let you know deets when I find out! x

Jaymie said...

I love it, it's very katy perry and so comftarble!

ah katie that sounds fun, would be lovely to catch up, and wow get him! has he got a website?

katie burrett said...

Love how we are chatting via our blog comments :) Katy Perry is my idol, did you see my post on her gig?! She looked amazing...

He is so so good!! Definitely we will catch up!! Will be so good x x

Zoe said...

Wow! Swimsuit is amazing!! It looks so classy, you'll look the best on the beach!x

Jaymie said...

haha aw thank you zoe! Fingers crossed i'll do it for all the girls who dont wear those gross cut out costumes and barely leave anything to the imagination aye!