Don't cover your eyes.

On Thursday I pretty much spent the whole day making pieces and thinking up ideas for 'Dandelion Dreams' Using my 'Stargazer' print as inspiration for a galaxy inspired collection. I hand drew a similar pattern and made a shrinky plastic statement ring using watercolour paint and art graphic pen in 0.1 I also printed out the original image onto transfer paper so I could iron on the transfers onto canvas bags and plain tops.

Stargazer printed vest.

In the post this morning I received some new gemstones that I ordered and actually forgot that I had. I crafted some new rings and here our the offerings. These will be going up on my Big Cartel store for a 'Mermaid Dream' collection. Expect shells, starfish and of coarse stones. I particularly love the way these Ametrine quartz stone catch the light and appear to change colours against different backings and settings. They have such a pretty depth and layer to them. These rings will be starting from £3-£6 depending on size.

New Ametrine Gemstone Rings.

The sis and I braved the bad weather reports and paid a visit to Thorpe Park yesterday as we had been planning to for a couple of weeks and didn't want a little (or a lot in our case) rain to stop us. Yes we got soaked, but it didn't stop us from going on rides and having a dead good day. I managed to get my sister to go into the Saw Maze, she was even more scared then I was but I suitably cacked myself when I was the one leading the group we were with... at least for most of it, I kind of managed to get a little lost and walk us all into a wall, It was dark and I couldn't see add in laughing and screaming and you get the picture. Funny and scary my favourite mix! On the way home we were so wet and cold, as soon as I got in I jumped into a hot deep bath and then straight into my PJ's complete with blanket, hot water bottle and a cup of tea.

Today is full movie day. Pretty much trying to take the day off and just chill but I probably do some drawing late tonight. First watched Tangled and then going to watch Kung Fu Panda (kid at heart) then The Tunnel which is the total opposite from the previous animation choices and I believe it's a bit of a horror film. I've recently really been wanting to watch anything that's a bit scary, thriller and makes you jump. I watched Orphan the other night which was pretty creepy but quite a good film. Recommend me some horrors?

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Kate said...

Those rings are beautiful! x

Amy said...

Rings look lovely!

I love Tangled too :)

Might actually go watch that now...

Rachel said...

Ooh love your star picture and what a great idea to transfer it! the rings are lovely xx

abby | ybba said...

Adorable Rings! and pretty drawing {;


Jaymie said...

Tangled is one of my favourites! Flynn is hot haha true.