Escape route.

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1.  It's 84 days til I go on holiday and visit Kenya. I've been looking up different Safari possibilities. Ideally I would love to do a whole day and spend the night out in the wild. The thought of seeing all those beautiful wild animals in their natural environment, I just know that it'll probably make me all emotional and soppy. I need to get full on bikini body ready stat as the weathers meant to take a turn for the better next month. Healthy eating is on and getting my morning workout routines back on track needs to happen. I need to stop being so lazy, hopefully it might make me feel less tired in the long run as well. Anyone have any tips that work? Mainly want to work on my legs and obviously overall toning. I need to combine my zumba workout and water aerobics with the right eating again and generally a better lifestyle. Sounds boring but I've noticed I've been feeling really sluggish and pretty cack from eating rubbish. A couple of times, last year I did a 2 day cleanse. It included drinking lots of water, lemon and nettle and green tea, fruit, vegetables, salad, soup and hummus and crudites. Start the day with eating fruit in morning, then can snack on veg and tea throughout the day, salad and soup for lunch, fruit or snack on hummus and crudites and then the rest of your soup and veg for dinner. I can't find the link for the full details on the cleanse now online but I printed them out ages ago. Did make me feel pretty energised, clean and made my stomach nice and flat though I did really miss cereal (no carbs or milk) tea and toast but for 2 days it's manageable.

2. I was looking through my blog archives yesterday and looking at my posts from last year. It's odd to look at how things have progressed, improved or changed but more then anything it's really cringing haha. To be honest I never really started blogging to gain followers but it's nice to have a certain amount of readers who I recognise there name and love reading what they've got to say. You're all so lovely and I appreciate every word you have to say. I probably don't say it enough but you lot are RAD! I don't know whether 350 followers (which I reached yesterday!) is good for a year or not so much, but who cares you are all amazing for taking the time to either look at my blog posts or read what it is I have to say.

3. I would really like your help. What would you like to see on here in the near future? Post or feature wise. Is there anything in particular you like seeing which I already do or something which I haven't done before, that you maybe would like to see me do or is there more you would like to know about me. Such as 'in my bag' type post for example. When I blog it's from a very personal point of view and I post the kind of things it is that I like to see myself and look for in blogs when I read them. I like seeing images and photographs which have been used for inspiration, I love seeing peoples week in photographs as you feel like you get to see a bit more about the persons life behind the screen, I do also like seeing street style and outfits, but sometimes I don't find it all that relevant to take photos or show them on here I only really do when it fits in with my mood if that makes any sense at all. I do really want to improve and reach out more, sometimes I feel the content may be getting stale, boring and needs an injection of something new. So have your say here because at the end of the day it is my blog and creative source but it's a lot nicer when there is someone there reading, gaining inspiration or enjoying what it is I post. Thank you beauts.

By Jaymie
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kia said...

i love inspirational pictures :) whether they are your own or someone else's! x