Sweet like chocolate.


Happy Easter everyone. Eat lots of chocolate, enjoy the nice weather if you're lucky enough to have it and have a lovely day whatever it may involve. I woke up supremely early this morning not that I intend getting up as early as I did. I wanted to be up to do some excercise, work, catch up on some of the things I sky plused and I made some rice krispy cakes for the fam. I'm probably going to go for a walk up the common again later and take some outfit photos to, then have a bbq, chill in the garden. I'm so going to watch the Kate & William film which is on channel 5 later, I think it's on about 3ish but I've seen so many snippets of it on Daybreak, Have I Got News For You etc and it looks so cringey and hilare without even meaning to be. Class.

I'm only working Wednesday and Saturday next week so I'm very pleased about that! I want to get lots done, have fun and be productive, I always feel so much better and happier when I know I've achived what I set out or things that are on my to do list (list geek!) Time for a Boiled Egg and Soldiers for breakfast now.Toodles!

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ellieand said...

i'm sooo glad you reminded me about that channel five show- cheesefest! definitely want to see it, if only for a laugh! Happy easter hun, have a good one! x

Tegan said...

beautiful photos - i especially love the third one! happy easter! :) xo

Sophie Isobel said...

Hehe, I'm completely in love with the first image!