Pimms O'Clock.


Jumper - Forever 21
Dress - Cheap Boutique in New York
Sunglasses - Girlprops
Fifi necklace - Hand drawn shrinky
Other Necklace - Vintage
Flowers - Accesorize
Ballet Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Hand drawn

I woke up with really curly hair yesterday and decided that I would go with it and dress rather romantically and ballerina like to accompany the way my hair had set adorning flowers in the do for that effortless summer vibe also my hair looks a lot lighter IRL then the ends do in the photo. I love the colour palette of the nude peach cream dress with the pale pink knit jumper and the frill type panels of the skirt of the dress which flounce about and swirls when you spin (easily pleased)  I decided that Jumping off this bench demonstrated this perfectly (and it's fun!)

I had a really lovely Easter Sunday. We spent the majority of the day in the garden, BBQ with the family, Pimms and Bucks Fizz, eating waaaay too much chocolate, now officially detoxing! Green tea ftw. Did anyone watch the William and Kate film? I missed the first 40 minutes or so, but we decided to watch the rest anyway and it was a lolfest as predicted. So bad it was good kind of quality. The actor playing William was way to fit to be him (sorry wills!) It's on again on Friday in the afternoon so think I'll catch the start of it then.

Apparently today is the last really nice hot sunny day for a bit I was considering going out, go to the cinema or something but I don't want to waste a nice day lounging in the garden, reading books, making lists, catching up on some work and drawing for sitting inside. Right now though I am feeling super lazy and tired, as nice as it is to do nothing sometimes I really don't like how it makes me feel at the end of the day as if I haven't achieved anything or been super unproductive. Anyone else get like that? Hohum.

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Paper Heart Girl said...

Ohhh, I love your outfit and your Easter Sunday sounds lovely.
I totally know what you mean about the unproductive thing, which is why am I a little pleased about the change in weather as it means I can actually get work done instead of lounging the garden trying to make the most of the weather! xxx

Sophie Isobel said...

Love the fifi necklace and your shoes - so cute!
Yep, this weather makes me just want to sit in the sun and not do anything!

Scientific Housewife said...

I totally watched that movie and kept going "Did they really do this???" It made me imagine what Wills would look like without a bald spot, haha :)

Tegan said...

I love love love your Fifi necklace! :D xo

This Charming Style said...

super cute accessories, and i love the dress!

Tríona said...

Love the outfit, terribly pretty and feminine. The little ballet shoes are adorable too, as is the necklace you made. Very talented!

head over heels said...

the romantic look is gorgeous on you - love the fifi necklace too, you should do a diy post :) x

Izzy said...

I was doing my art homework, got bored so took inspiration from you to use water colour to paint flowers but i didnt try to control the paint too much. It came out okay. I fancy experimenting with biro and watercolour?
I have more posts!

Rachelous said...

That fifi necklace is gorgeous! Yay I had Pimms today too, perfect in the sunshine. I always feel guilty for having nothing-y days too, and used to fill my weekends up, but I'm trying to relax a bit now! xx

Sora said...

Hi!!! I really like your style! thank you for your comment!! Now,I am following you!;-)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

Zoe said...

Aww, I really love this outfit, it is so romantic. The dress looks great. I wish my hair would go curly, it is straigh as. I have to straighten it under just to make it look normal lol x