Later then intended Nutshell post. Mainly some Bristol photos. I don't want to ever do a Nutshell post without cupcakes haha #nevergonnahappen. It's my thing right? All about dandelions and boiled eggs, weird thing to be all about, but hey that's me.

I've started reading Whip It this week, I've wanted to see the film for ages but keep forgetting to buy it... After seeing that Ella had said a lot of positive things about the book and that it was better then the film I thought I'd read the book before I actually see the film (if I ever remember to purchase it) I reckon I'll read it rather hastily.

I did a whole lot of drawing, painting and creating yesterday (the lack of sun was a blessing!) Got two commisions finished. The only thing being a pain in the arse is at the weekend my Brother reformated my laptop (remember all the trouble I was having? Well I can blog using my own laptop now!) but it means my printer/ scanner has to be reinstalled and I can't find the disk anywhere, gah! Fingers crossed my Dad will be able to sort it, anyone but myself... I'm hopeless.

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ellieand said...

totally with you on the dandelion thing- i can't stop taking photos of them atm!
I'm having laptop trouble too, officially stuck in terms of uni work..uh oohh

Rachelous said...

I love the dandelion photo and your various cupcakes look delish! :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Sorry about the computer issues. Those stink!

Love all your photos. So fun!

Penny and Lola said...

Yummy cakes , and I love your egg cup . Ive only seen the film of Whip It but its bloody awesome espesh as ive got a bit of a girl crush on Ellen Page , would love to read the book though. The books are always better than the films xx

head over heels said...

rice crispie cakes are my guilty pleasure - they look so good! fab photos :) x

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that you used a hashtag in your blog! #imnottheonlyone

also is that a work done by banksy?! i've always wanted to see one of those in person!