Purple Haze


This is a watercolour painting I did last night experimenting with just letting watercolour paint do what it wants to do. Instead of trying to structure it. It's a long time since I purely just used watercolour, I love mized media and using pens in my illustration work but I think I'm going to try do more quick studies just using one media to quickly document what it is I'm seeing or experiencing. I like how it's just a general hint at what the flowers look like, by using the colour to express the form. I saw this really striking pretty flower in the garden which is the most gorgeous shades of purple, with pink and hints of blue, long spikey type petals which makes it look kind of like a pretty jelly fish and as the sun was setting it just really felt like those summer evenings that you remember when you were little. #sentimental! I can imagine if I worked on these flowers studies more to include a bit more detail, they would make perfect cards or paper to give to my Grandma, they're the typical kind of thing that she would like. Even though dandelions may be considered a weed, I still love them they're quaint essential spring time bloom and I love making wishes on the dead ones!

I'm really looking forward til tomorrow, the weathers meant to still be nice (fingers crossed) and instead of having a roast were going to BBQ it up! What have you got planned for easter?


edit: I meant dandelions not daffodils haha my bad!
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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So so so (times like a million) beautiful. x hivenn

Anonymous said...

who would think a daffodil was a weed?!
I love these sketchy style drawings/paintings, it's what i imagine i will hang in my future house

isobelt.blogspot.com (its a working progress)

Holly said...

That's really pretty :) watercolour is the best medium imo. Do you have an etsy shop?


Holly said...

That's really pretty :) watercolour is the best medium imo. Do you have an etsy shop?


kia said...

really nice :) i love using watercolours, sometimes i use a straw to blow the colours for flowers xx

Paper Heart Girl said...

I love this, so prettty! xx

Rachelous said...

They're lovely! I'm really trying to get back into watercolour, and love what you've done here :) xx

Summer said...

Absolutely lovely, i'd definitely buy a painting like this if i saw it in a shop!xxx

Tonya said...

I LOVE THIS! You are so talented. I seriously would buy this hahah So effortless.


Jaymie said...

you lot are just to lovely!
and oops i meant dandelions not daffys haha daffodils on the brain obv.

Sora said...

omg.. you are so gooooooood!!!