heads, shoulders, cats, knees and bows, knees and bows.


1. I've had to neglect anything blog, drawing, actually pretty much everything. I've not been able to do a great deal because on Tuesday night I came down with a horrible stomach bug which now most my family seem to have caught. Todays the first day I can move without feeling like I'm going to throw up. I still feel weak, I've barely moved, eaten or drunk much and all I want to do is sleep. I feel like the past 3 days have just merged, such a waste of time when I need to be using my time to do things,  but that's life for you. Horrible viruses! I hope you manage to escape any of the bugs that are lurking!

2. Hopefully if I'm feeling up to it tomorrow I will be going to a Cats protection re-homing day. To potentially see some kittens. Anyone who knows me or has read a bit of my blog knows I love cats and want to give one a home desperately. Fingers crossed I can go out tomorrow, I feel like I'm getting cabin fever ever so slightly to.

3. I also plan to use Saturday to get a proto type of a zine 'An Illustrated Journal' done that I am making. I'm pretty keen for this as a fun little side project, because it's basically just a collage magazine type journal of some of my what i wore type illustrations and other type of variety of doodles. Some things you would have seen before, but there is new things to come to. If anyone thinks they may be interested in owning a copy let me know so I can perhaps plan to get copies made.


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Sophie Isobel said...

I love the title of this post, hehe! Also the kittens are so adorable. We got our cats from cats protection - good luck finding a kitten :)

mj said...

Good luck getting your illustrated journal together. i love the photo of the girls with pig-tails.

Zoe said...

I LOVE cats! Cats protection league is great, I have two from there, living at my Mum's at the moment because my flat isn't cat friendly. When I do find somewhere that is I'd love to introduce a kitten to the family x