New York in a Nutshell


Beautiful NYC.

I woke up nice and early this morning which has been a change from the past few days! Whilst flicking throught the TV channes at 6.45 in the morning I saw that cartoon everyone had been going on about a couple of weeks ago 'Rastamouse' haha it's amazing, love it. I've also had my first cup of tea in 3 days and woke up actually feeling hungry this morning so I may actually have my blueberry pancakes, a few days late I know but still, never to late for pancakes. Think I may go down to the cats protection re-homing event today that I mentioned yesterday, but I have a feeling it'll just be asking for heartbreak as I wont be able to do anything about getting a cat, er. I also very much need to do some drawing I feel like I haven't in so long and it's the only time I seem to make sense. Have a gorgeous weekend!

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ellieand said...

Man, I'm literally craving NY now ...have always wanted to go so badlly!

Enjoy the pancakes! x

mj said...

Love the photos.