Woke up nice and early pretty much did this everyday (proud!) Went for breakfast at Tick Tock diner near Penn station and had pancakes with fresh strawberries. Then went to get the bus downtown to get the ferry to the statue of liberty we passed a pretzel stall and couldn't resist getting a NY pizza pretzel he wrapped in foil so we saved it for a little later (a little later being whilst in the que to board the ferry) Yet again it was another beautiful cold sunny day. We Walked around china town, exploring/ getting a bit lost trying to find the urban outfitters and pink berry we saw whilst on the bus earlier in the day. In the end after popping into our 100th Duane Reade we jumped in a cab, I bought a lovely summery dress which is a bluey purple colour and has a cool pattern on it and some cat eye sunglasses both from urban outfitters. We also saw the most adorable puppies in a pet shop window with a crowd of people around them, seriously so cute. Especially the king charlies cavalier and fluffy Chihuahua, me and Michelle decided these would be our pups when we lived in the city, we went in and I saw a couple playing with a black wolf looking puppy, eeek so sweet. I ended up holding the King Charles Cavalier and didn't want to give it back! Got a cab back to Times Square and walked past the AMC cinema which is huggggge, it was 40 minutes til The Kings Speech was playing and we both had wanted to see the film and to go to the 'movie theatre' in America. It was a really good film, the seats were so comfy as well as they reclined (England take note) though this did make it hard to put your feet up on the seats so cue a lot of fidgeting. The Americans well loved the swearing in the film and couldn't stop laughing, love atmosphere like that in the cinema. We were knackered when we got back to the hotel, so decided just to go have a quick drink in the Irish pub which was only a few shops down from the hotel and eat something, had the best mozzarella sticks everrr. Then we went to bed in our clothes again but for a different reason, we wanted to see if we woke up in the night and fancied doing something then we could just get up and go but we were to tired haha.

I've nearly finished reading Eat, Pray, Love? It's such a deep, spiritual kind of book which I think on many levels most people can relate to certain aspects of it. Being a book worm anyone have any recomendations? I still want to read Dorian Gray and still have Lolita to read but if anyone has a must read do let me know!

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Dancing Branflake said...

The Zahir! I love that book so much!

Zoe said...

Looks like a great day :) I love the look of the Caliente Cab on your other post. Frozen sangria looks amazing! I have no idea why, but going to the 'movie theatre' is something I really want to do. Especially to see a film that isn't out in England for a while. Are you making plans to live there now? :p xx