year of the rabbit


Fifi Lapin is one of my favourite character/ fashion illustrations and inspiration. As Elle says 'Fifi Lapin is the worlds most stylish bunny. The blog Fifi Lapin is one of my daily reads I just love everything about it, the drawings, the clothes, the colours and patterns. Beautiful.

I'm still craving hard for the Lapin brooch but the shop still hasn't gone live since it shut for christmas, sob. So my own shrinkie made necklace is my subsitute for now. I have chanel immitation glasses just like the first image from Girl Props so busting those out in NYC. I'm particularly loving everything about the 2nd and 3rd outfit, want.

It's my parents anniversary today (32 years!) So just a little shout out to them and to say that I love them to bits, They're always there for me,  I'm blessed to have them in my life and I probably don't say it enough. I thank them for all their sacrifices and for just being proud in me whatever I do (sopppy!) Bake a big fat chocolate fresh cream cake for them on Saturday when we are all free to have a little celebration? you bet. probably a cheeky take away aswell. anomnom. I say free but I will have to fit in packing there somewhere, poo.

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Morellocherry said...

Yay for your parents! Don't see marriage lasting that long nowadays, so i always love it when there is a true couple that have been together that long.

Speaking of daily reads- you've become one of mine so, awwww!! lol :P

Jo said...

Awww, happy anniversary to your parents!! Hooray for lasting love!!

Jaymie said...

aw thanks for the lovely comment morellocherry!
I know i remember one day at work the question came up so who heres from a broken family and they all rasied their hands bar me!