Ring primarni, Nails model own slate green.

New favourite shoes.
Topshop £18, perfect ballet flats!

Jam and peanut butter.
Hartley raspberry jam obvz.

currently reading:
Eat Pray Love

My crazy dead looking raynauds hand
(hurts when this happens!)

Swotting up.

Chaneling summer.

first attempt at macaroons.

All ballet inspired.

1. Just some specific images from the past week, sorry but had to attach a picture of my rank hand when it goes all raynaud on my ass, finger tips go white, purple, ice cold and numb then start heating up and go red. Anyone else have this?

2. Monday morning was sunny and so spring like that even though it was still chuffing cold I thought I had to do my duty and chanel summer with a mango passionfruit fruit cooler from costa. I keep spraying myself with Armani Aqua di gioa which just reminds me so much of warmer months and holidays even though I never actually had the perfume whilst I was away or anything just has that kind of scent that you smell in the air from other peoples sun creams, moisturisers, perfumes all mingled together in one place. aw, memories.

3. 1 week til I go away guys, so excited. I finally sorted out my travel insurance last night, hate spending money on boring necessities like that! Packing will ensue this week. What kind of posts shall I do for bloggywoggy whist I'm away, Any suggestions? Monday is going to be my dedicated blog and get work done day, before I go. I'll schedule them, just so it isn't all empty and barren around here whilst I'm sipping cosmos, walking down manhattan and going all Audrey Hepburn outside of Tiffanys.

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mj said...

Tiffanys! I love to walk in there like I'm meant to be there and try lots of pretty things on. I also love your ballet flats.

Purdey Singleton said...

Your macaroons look soooo yummy! x

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