crave list


Sitting at work doodling away a kind of lust/crave list the other day, quick, messy and allusive so I'm aware it's not that great but still wanted to post just to share what I do when I'm daydreaming, bored,on breaks and draw in my sketchbook. I was still Pretty much still being inspired by the idea of 'micro pleasures' from The Goddess Experience book. I hope to fulfil this illustrations hopes in the coming week! Anyone smelt the new Jimmy Choo perfume? working with perfume I spray it whenever I'm in but I do want to have my own bottle of it as well haha. It smells so lovely, sweet, floral, yet woody with a toffee caramel undertone, mmhm. Unluckily as mentioned on Saturday, that there was a prospect of me getting a kitten well they were all gone so that wont be happening just yet, bummed.

What's on your crave list right now?

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Scientific Housewife said...

That's a great crave list!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i wish my work-time doodles were this cute.

great list!

Jo said...

I love that your lust/crave list is done in doodles!! :)
As for kitty, the right one will appear at just the right time. Hang in there!!

Courtney K. said...

We have the same crave list, darling. Love it.