The past week has been about eating ice cream at the cinema watching gnomeo and juliet, funny face, mad men and coach trip, Drinking tea, drawing tea, noticed the heart knot in my dressing table, LFW, London fashion week illustrating, obsession with pink lipstick, packing, clothes and getting excited.

1. I am super tired right now. Woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep and there is no way I am having a nap today because then there will be absolutely no hope of me falling asleep at an embarrassingly early hour (8 o'clock please?!) Never has that statement 'I need my beauty sleep' been more true (black panda eyes) so instead I turned on my laptop and cotch in bed catching up on the past two days of fashion week, Marios Schwab from Day 5 was disappointing only two actual pieces that I liked from the show and even those were pretty simple and not particularly outstanding. I loved from Day 4 the Burberry show which always seems to be pretty fantastic, English heritage, bright pop coats, and real snow to end it all off. Erdems collection was also really beautiful and remind me of an abstract kind of galaxy pattern mixed with Jackson Pollock dripper style with a traditional twist and Holly Fulton did not dissapoint. I'll probably do a low down post with illustrations and images of favourite pieces, shows and designers from a completely subjective personal opinion of coarse!

 2. I'm all packed, but I do still have to find all my chargers for phone, camera, write down some deeets and other boring bits and bobs, but other then that I'm happily blogging, drawing and going to watch Sabrina, Coach trip from yesterday, lots of wii fit and make a nice fresh quorn chilli con carne with green salad omnom. Just about to go paint my nails, Lilac or slate green? I'm feeling a bit of slate green...

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Zoe said...

Where are you going away to? Have fun! I really need a holiday or something soon.

I really love all your art work!! Do you do something arty for a job as well? Or is it more of a hobby?

Zoe xx

Jaymie said...

I'm going to New York :)
Thank you so much hun, I'm a freelance illustrator and have a boring day job at a department store selling perfume, ideally would love to be able to do it all the time full time art work that is not the perfume haha.

Zoe said...

I hope you have so much fun! I am going to New York (for the first time) in June for 10 days, I'm so excited and is a bit like a 21st celebration too. Let me know if you find any gems in NYC, I want to do lots of shopping and go to some good veggie restaurants, as well as sightseeing of course xxx

Courtney K. said...

All of that lipstick makes me smile. A girl can never have too much. Xoxo.