funny face

'I love your sunny funny face.'

Anything more lovely then Audrey and Fred? Dancing, clothes, singing and pretty Paris. Today was the very first time I have ever seen Funny Face. Shocking I know, as a total Audrey idoliser. It is probably now one of my favourites, I love that... when you watch a film you've wanted to see for ages and then totally fall in love with it.

1. I completed my 2nd LFW illustration for Amelia's magazine last night. I love the quick turn around of the whole thing. I now have another to complete for tomorrow morning so I'll be working on that today (so far been drawing silly little cartoons of Fred Astaire, oops) other then that I've run some boring errands posting eBay items, closing bank account and paying in a cheque, I've also been sorting blog posts and trying to spring clean (I still haven't completely finished packing, procrastinator!)

Temperley Illustrations By Jaymie O'Callaghan

2. My highlight from Day 3 of London Fashion Week has got to be Temperley London, Ultra feminine, sexy, edgy yet petty and with an air of mystery, I am in love! I did some illustrations of a few of my favourite looks (I intend to do this for some more of the shows to!) Other designers that have got me excited are; Erdem, Holly Fulton, Christopher Kane and Marios Schwab who will be showing his collection tomorrow. Any shows that you're looking forward to seeing the catwalk report to? Right I better get this packing done once and for all...

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ellieand said...

Aah I love these sketches! I'm completely behind with fashion week in all honesty. Usually just let it pass me by in a bit of a patterned haze. All I've learnt this season is that apparently dog prints are in?!


mj said...

I'm so glad you discovered funny face. i grew up watching that movie. i love her wedding dress. and i love all the photoshoots.

your drawings are amazing.