To Primark With Love

I've been fiddling with the look of the blog this afternoon and I am happier with how it is starting to look.
Hello Gagets!
I have also added an 'About' tab where i have written up a 'Who, What, When, Why' 
So if you want to learn a little more it's up there to check it out.

After hearing the hype at Primarks A/W stock I must say it looks promising and I found a fair few jackets and dresses that I am craving for now. these are four of my particular favourites, this was my first proper attempt at collaging pictures together on photoshop something which sounds so simple seems to want to be difficult for me so please excuse the not so brilliant quality. I especially want to get my mitts on that flying jacket I'm intruiged to what it will look like in the flesh, I hate it when you fall in love with something then when you see it in store it doesn't match up to your expectations. A full list of the must haves can be found on this Instyle article.
All items are in store from August or September so i'm thinking I will pretty much have to check it out everytime I'm nearby to ensure that I can get a hold of these beauts.
Whats on your current hit lists of things you want?


Ps. Twitter anyone?
I still haven't really got in to the whole twitter thing but I'm going to try
add me?
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Siobhan said...

I do love Primark! Brilliant for those of us living on a student budget >_<

Jaymie said...

Primark really can be so great.
I can't wait to see all their new stock, eee.