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Get your pens and paper at the ready because Melissa over at Oh, My Darling is hosting a very exciting pen pal project suitably named 'Dear Darlings 'which I have signed up for. It will involve receiving lovely hand written letters which I adore. I've never had a pen pal either, so I had no hesitations in signing up. Definitely check it out if you are interested in sending and receiving some good old fashioned snail mail.

I've been feeling groggy and a little odd all evening, feeling lethargic but restless at the same time so I've just been parked down with my laptop watching corrie and finding reviews on makeup.
 I am in need of some new blush, any recommendations?
I like the sound of Nars in Orgasm but it's pricey! Also in two minds with benefit blushers as they seem to have mixed reviews, I'm not really to fond of shimmery blush as I would rather add the shimmer with a highlighter myself. Ordered BNIB hoola bronzer by benefit off of EBAY which was a lot cheaper then in the shop, i love being thrifty and finding makeup on there.
 I've also noticed that I am really in need of going for a bra measurement, my chest hurts when I wear certain bras and I just want to find some pretty bras that fit and are comfortable but it's a struggle when basically each store tells you your a different size, essh. All in a Girls world, huh.

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Melissa said...

Yay, thanks for the Dear Darlings shoutout!