camp night, ahoy!

I've been pretty busy the past couple of days, a lot of rising early and hitting the sack late.
Even so i can tick of my little to do list in the previous post.
i have now posted my first look on lookbook and chictopia, it was taken whilst i was in paris and my friend only managed to upload the pictures the other night, but it brought back memories of colder days and an all more romantic feel. I love summer and everything but i much prefer A/W Fashion.
Layering, Mixing, matching and clashing different textures and patterns, big cosy knits, long scarfs, snoods, mittens and little furry booties.

What I am wearing
Dress - Forever 21
Bow Tights - New Look

Coat - H&M
Brogues - Zucchi Shoes

Had a really good catch up and few cocktails to boot with my friend Abi. Which was lovely, even if i did end up hitting the storm on my way home, which decided to strike at about 1am. Boo.
Spent the day uptown yesterday for Mummmma O'Callaghans birthday.
Had the most amazing Rocky Road dessert in Giraffe! but only managed a couple of spoons of the brownie chunks and ice cream. FULL to the brim i were.
Then me, the sis and mother embarked on possibly one of the campest nights i have had before, we saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Such a laugh and so much sparkle, colour and glitter you can't help but love it.
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beneath the glass said...

hi there! thanks so much for following my blog, Beneath the Glass! Love this outfit you are wearing, although if i could make a suggestion? If you could your photos bigger so we can see them bigger? This outfit deserves a closer look! :)

Cheers! suzy

Jaymie said...

Hello, thankyou for the suggestion i have re-sized them i hope that it's better? i did them as the largest size i could upload them at.

Meritte said...

great outfit (:
I like your blog!

follow mine, I'll follow yours? (: