i love making lists

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I find myself getting a bit obsessed with blogs more so as i am trying to properly get into this one.
need to post my first look on lookbook soon but really need to find some place of inspiration that doesn't look like a shit hole in this rubbish weather that seems to have discended upon us.
I've decided i really do want a new camera an SLR no less (amoung many other items which are creeping up on my wish lists) especially as just my usual little prick of a digital- HARSH. no it isn't that as such a prick i probably just don't treat it with the sort of love and respect it needs i did lose the case and its mostly being thrashed and bashed in my bag on a daily basis.. anyway what was i saying? oh yeah, basically that little baby isn't up to the scratch anymore.
my little head is buzzzing with ideas, i've decided i am going to create my very first zine which will probably take me quite a while as it will be a learning curve.
time to get my doodle on.

To do list
1. photograph what i am wearing for lookbook...
2. upload image. (duh)
3. start my zine!
and much more but that would be a good start!

Just purchased these chanel inspired a la mary kate style sunglasses, can't wait to see what they look like on, might be a big fat fail but we can try aye!
i also found these little gems of a necklace, a bronzed effect ny subway token (mainly because i am missing and reminiscing about the big apple !!) and these long wooden crucifix number which i intend to just casually layer up and go with the flooooo.

I await my international post with anticipation.
right, bath, watch dragons den with a brew and sketch out some possibilities for my zine.
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