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2014 was a hard one to beat, mainly because I fell in love with my best friend, but 2015 bought more wonderful times with him and at Easter that boy got down on one nervous knee and asked me to be his future wife. It was a was a year filled with of a lot of 'firsts' for us as a couple, first valentines, one year anniversary and obviously getting engaged.

We had an amazing party at the end of May to celebrate with all our friends and family. We even started visiting possible wedding venues (mainly for the free champers and cake) as were not in a rush to get married and want it to be just right, I wonder how many times we will have to explain that in 2016...

2015 was a year of ballet, I saw Swan Lake, Great Gatsby, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker this year and took up adult classes which was both daunting and wonderful in equal measures, I will be taking it up again this January.

Took a trip to Vegas in March with my Sister and friend Emma, Spent summer feeding Greek Cats in the Rhodes sunshine, Visited Centre Parcs for the first time, with the Hollands where I had an absolute ball and was in my element feeding baby ducklings every damn day, drank plenty of beer (and a sip of Guiness) in Dublin for our birthdays.

I started to focus more on my health and fitness, I became a bit of a gym bunny (I abso love classes especially, spin, pump and body combat!) and recently I've just become vegan. I've been a vegeterian since I was 16 so it probably made changing a little easier for me... although I've not been the healthiest with the diet this year, but I am determined that I will use it to be healthier.

It was both my parents 60th birthdays this year, so we celebrated with trips to the Shard, The Savoy and Kettners champagne bar.

As with anything the fun, happy and special times have some opposing sad, hard times but we're not going to focus on those neggy thoughts here. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fun 2016!

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