super furry animal


Literally my most favourite purchase of this Autumn (apart from the onesie...) is my faux fur stole from H&M, I know they're as common now as the ominous 'litas' or 'allegras' in the blogging world but I couldn't care less, it's so versatile and adaptable, I've been wearing with my black coat regularly, jumpers and dresses. It's so much warmer then a regular scarf and keeps me feeling super cosy and that kind of grandeur, elegant, glamorous older ladies of New York that you spot shopping in Manhattan with bags upon bags of designer goods. Have you purchased anything recently which has become a staple in your wardrobe?

- Finishing and starting 4 christmas present illustrations
- Making a commissioned blog header.
- Creating scenes to photograph my jewellery against
- Necklace designing and making.
- Burning my fingers :(
- Drinking too much coffee

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Anonymous said...

Love fur stoles! Looks amazing with what you're wearing :) xx

Anonymous said...

Love it! wish I didn't look like an idiot in them. im addicted to the leopard print dress I bought the other day, I cant stop putting it on and dressing it up...well I couldn't until I saw a girl I HATE owns it. boo :(


Cathryn said...

Ohh lovely outfit! I love your jumper to!

Dancing Branflake said...

Purrfect winter accessory!

Julia said...

I love fur stoles, I'm wishing for one for christmas!

k f e d l a n d said...

I agree, a fur stole adds so much to an outfit! Andf funnily enough it does keep you mega warm!
I also love your jumper. So you are allowed to take your onesie off to wear that! x

Rebecca said...

Looks amazing dear. They look silly on me :(

soffie hicks said...

It looks gorgeous, I love them paired with leather. Who cares if everyone has one, fur stoles are gorgeous! x

Jaymie said...

ah yes i was wearing it paired with my leather skater skirt!

Georgie said...

Okay I really want a stole now! And who cares whether it's overdone in the blogosphere or not, they're cute! x

Sweet darling. said...

The faux fur looks realy nice !!
they look gorgeous <3