polka dot cup, lattes & hot choc


Creme Brûlée lattes, Marshmellow hot chocolate, Cream and haribo hot chocolate. 

Recently got some little bottles of festive flavoured syrups from costa (praline, gingerbread, creme brûlée, caramel and hazelnut) they are amazing. I've been heating milk up in the microwave, frothing it up and then adding a shot of percolated coffee to it with as much syrup as you fancy! Only tried creme brûlée and caramel so far. Far to addicted to hot chocolates, with cream, marshmallows and my new addition of mini hairdos... which taste surprisingly nice all melted and warm. This is my perfect sized cup for such a sweet treat as it's about half a normal mug.

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soffie hicks said...

That looks/sounds delicious. I need some polka dot mugs and yummie hot chocolate. x


Dancing Branflake said...

That sounds pretty amazing to me!

Anonymous said...

Looks so tasty! x

Lisa-Marie said...

It's a mug of perfection. Hot chocolate with peppermint syrup is my very favourite.

Sheri said...

Sounds gorgeous! I've wanted some coffee syrups for ages! Might get some this Xmas is santa is generous! xx