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Flower headband - Primark
Gold Cardigan - Primark
Maxi Dress - Miss Selfridge
Sandals - Tesco

This is the outfit that I wore on Sunday to Ben & Jerrys festival at Clapham Common. I love how this maxi dress is slightly shorter at the front and graduates at the back. Makes it harder to step on when descending down and up stairs, which I need all the help I can get with (accident prone)  HA! Look at me trying to stick my boobs out in the last photo booth shoot, glamour modelzzz in the making... or not. I hardly ever wear headbands like this but sometimes it's needed, that extra boho vibe. and it was £1.50 from Primark I think, so I couldn't help myself all those weeks ago.

I'm at aqua fit tonight with my girls after work. Haven't done it for so long so I hope I don't drown or anything. Literally feel so lazy. Last night I did do some Pussycat dolls dvd workout, it really makes me giggle it's so teasy and slap this slap that, grind those hips! I did also do a bit of a Zumba flat abs workout. I'm  trying to get back into it! Not much else planned this evening except I need to watch the last HP as I'm in London during the day tomorrow to meet up with my friend and then seeing HP in the evening so kind of need to see the first part of the Deathly Hallows. What you all been up to?


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Penny and Lola said...

I love that dress , I wish I could find the motivation to do all that exercise xx

Anonymous said...

...are freeeeee! fun and sunshi... (couldn't help myself!)

Very pretty dress, and even prettier headband! Have a good time in London tomorrow too!

Dancing Branflake said...

Aqua fit? I want to try that one!

This Charming Style said...

You look wonderful, i love the dress and the flower headband is also gorgeous!

Jaymie said...

Thanks beauts! xx

Kate said...

Love the maxi, it suits you so well! x

Tonya said...

I love the headband on you! It's so adorable, and perfect with this look.

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

A Ben and Jerry's festival?! *_* Oh gosh, that sounds like heaven! This dress is so pretty- the colors in the pattern are beautiful! x

Summer said...

I love you dress! and headband for that matter :)xxx