Strawberry Cider, Salad and Sunshine.


Oversized Cardigan - Vintage
Necklaces - Girlprops and DIY
Bird print top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Shoe boots - Ebay
Rings - Accesorize, Past Times,
Fashion Stereotype and By Jaymie.
Sunflower hair clips - By Jaymie

Models Own in Lilac, Slategreen and Wah nail art pen.

What a glorious Sunday! Hot hot hot. This is what I wore today, the cardigan didn't last long and I quickly whacked the tights off when I got back home (need a cheeky shave, so wasn't releasing them to the world) Maybe not the most weather appropriate outfit but the change of weather kind of sprung itself upon me. I bought this bird print shirt a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking quiet a bit in advance for A/W (eek) with thoughts of wearing it layered under jumpers with the cute little collar poking out. I'm pretty much bored of all my clothes at the moment and really want to get some knockout pieces. I actually popped into New Look, I've seen a fair few bloggers with items from there which look so lovely, but when I go in there I never seem to find anything! This is a prime example of buying in advance again I bought a this
Brown Fedora Hat which I suspect wont be gracing my head for a while but I couldn't help myself. I'm still after an amazing leather jacket, which I'm pretty particular about hence not finding an ideal one as of yet.

Last night we ended up watching Princess and the Frog, Romy and Michele and Mannequin last night and chowing down on everything that's so bad for you but so good. I can't say I've had the most exciting of Sundays, a trip to town to buy a heart monitor watch which I'm not even sure if it tells you calories burned? Which is the whole reason I bought it for. Spending £30 or so in Hobbycraft on a sketchpad, different colouring pencils and pens (£30? ah!) drinking Strawberry Cider, Pimms, Eating salad and sitting in the garden and having a nap, hardcore. As per I'll probably get a bout of energy tonight and get the things I want done then. The only thing about this weather, I notice it makes me feel dead lethargic (more so then normally) Tomorrow is meant to be even hotter and as I have the day off I think I'm going to head to Brighton. In hopes to get a little sunkissed, source some nice items, have a screwball and chill by the sea.

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Rose said...

Love love love this outfit! the cardigans lovely. And i love your nails
ooh Brighton is meant to be lovely tomorrow, boiling in fact! it'll be lovely if you do come down sit in pavillion gardens..It's lovely in there :)

Rachel said...

This is such a lovely outfit! Your nails look fab as well. I've been similarly enjoying the weather, positively melting in London! xx

This Charming Style said...

you look SO pretty! That top is beautiful and i love the print mixing :)

DEVINA said...

I love that cardigan, very delicate and the colour is amazing!

abi2350 said...

I love this outfit but it sure wont do in the summer the blouse is really cute i love the birds and your nails are awsome <3

Jaymie said...

Thankyou lovelys, haha i know i've never been one to dress well in the seasonal weather. it becomes a summer outfit without the tights and cardigan which i promptly removed!

Anonymous said...

I love your blouse it's so cute. whenever i see birds i always think miu miu!

amourfashion said...

love your outfit and your nails are soo pretty ^^,

Lolo said...

I love that top!! What a great find.
I had some strawberry cider yesterday. I'd forgotten how tasty it was!! Nice and refreshing after a day in the stuffy office.

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I love your shirt! And those nails are amazing!

HippySal said...

love this combo pretty one..effortlessly cool xxx

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

You styled the perfect outfit- I adore the two patterns you combined! And your nails just make this outfit that much more fierce! xxx

Robots in Trouble said...

i love your outfit! i just love it so much. don't you just dislike how the weather just kills your outfit though!? like im just saying.. the cardigan is so cute with the outfit, but it's gotta go cus it keeps you feeling hot.

anyway... i'm totally loving the nails too!

gosh... i gotta go now... or else i'm totally gonna be jealous.

-robots in trouble

augustalolita said...

lovely outfit!! i adore your blouse and amazing accessories <3

Emma said...

gorgeous, love the print mixing and overall combo of this look!! lovve the nail too

Zoe said...

Great Outfit, sounds like such a lovely sunday! Strawberry cider is one of my absolute faves. Did you do your nails yourself? They are AMAZING! I would pay for you to do mine like that!

Zoe xx
Life of a Vegetarian Girl

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Your hair's SO awesome. x hivenn

Anonymous said...

i love ur outfit i followed :)